Digmap Geosystems Ltd was established in 2000 {Digmap Consultants} as an independent and indigenous Firm offering specialist advice on all aspects of land development to government departments, private individuals, development agencies,non-governmental and community-based organizations.

The Firm specializes in diverse activities including Land and engineering survey, planning and digital mapping. In executing its functions, Digmap Geosystems Ltd adheres to the highest professional standards possible and collaborates with other agencies with common interest to achieve results. Clients rely on our experienced and distinguished staff that focus on creating, rather than just promoting change using skills that combine deep experience of sectors and professions with an innovative, insight-driven approach. We know that growth is inevitable with our provision of quality work.

Digmap Geosystems Ltd has the ability to successfully handle projects from the simplest to the most complex and controversial in nature, and which require the highest level of expertise, dedication and innovation. We are noted for the quality of our work, as well as the people who represent us. We strive to provide unique and innovative solutions to problems. Particular emphasis is placed on integrated planning and development, implementation of programmes, and policies that ensure judicious use of land resources and minimization of negative environmental impacts.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Digmap Geosystems Ltd is its multi-disciplinary and comparative approach to the analysis of planning, surveying & mapping as well as development issues. Its multi-disciplinary nature is manifest in incorporation of concepts and frameworks from professional disciplines including aerophotography, planning, surveying and photogrammetry. This means that our staff is well accustomed to working across discipline boundaries and can therefore competently deal with such issues as planning, aerophotography, photogrammetry, surveying & mapping.

A multi-disciplinary staff with practical and academic backgrounds characterizes our strong in-house professional team. Digmap Geosystems Ltd professionals have extensive experience, which has been demonstrated by teaching and research at the university level and practical application in public and private sectors. In order to supplement the Firm’s consultants and to maintain contact with the state-of-the-art development in all fields, Digmap Geosystems Ltd maintains a close association with professional Firms with whom it co-operates often, depending on the nature of the project and the very specialized expertise it may require. Together they constitute a capacity strong enough to address even the most challenging tasks.

Digmap Geosystems Ltd project teams have the experience, skills, and social sensitivity needed to solve complex planning and development issues. Working with local counterparts, team members craft an integrated approach to project implementation and management. The principle of local solutions to problems has always guided Digmap Geosystems Ltd.

We view outside consultants, ideas and resources as catalysts to help localized solutions come to life. Problem analysis at the grassroots level and active community participation often lead to realistic and sustainable solutions. Digmap Geosystems Ltd remain extremely proud of its work, reputation, local and international accomplishments and relations.