Digmap Geosystems Limited and its team have a proven track record of participating in several full range of surveying, mapping and GIS projects for National Mapping Agencies, defense agencies, as well as other National and Local Government clients.

This work history for our team members provides Digmap Geosystems Limited with a solid understanding of the expectations, performance standards and established protocols required by our clients. The following list highlights our team members past performance on the required services:

  • Successfully managed multiple large, complex national government contracts simultaneously with many projects requiring multi-sensor integration and analysis over large areas
  • Completed several projects for photogrammetric mapping projects throughout Kenya and East & Central Africa in the past 10+ years
  • More than 800 hours of airborne data acquisition with less than 0.1% average re-flight rate
  • Proven ability to develop and merge high-resolution topographic data from all commercially available ground and airborne mapping technologies: photogrammetry, LIDAR, Cadastral and surveying in general.
  • Proven track record of developing topographic and planimetric products that meet nationally and internationally recognized standards: Survey of Kenya, RICS, ASPRS, TSA.

Digmap Geosystems Limited is a company that is involved in several mapping projects that help facilitate in many agricultural, urban planning, engineering and construction activities in the whole country. Since its incorporation in 2002, it has carried out to successful completion of many rural and urban based projects in the field of survey and mapping that have borne fruits to the improvement of the national welfare.