A majority of populations in the developing world live in rural areas where increased production demands to feed the ever-growing populations, both in the rural and urban areas, is putting severe strains on the natural resource base.

Decreased productivity coupled with poor infrastructure and services in the rural areas has led to massive rural-urban migration compounding the already difficult urban situation. Balanced rural development is key to sustainable urban development.

Digmap Geosystems Ltd’s staff uses participatory methods with rural communities and farmer groups, making them central actors in determining development options and managing key resources.

Digmap Geosystems Ltd undertakes to propose rural development plans including land sub-division and alienating areas for public use such as schools, health care facilities, housing, rural access roads, water, commercial centers and all the public land use. Other priorities within the program include conflict resolution, environmental management and gender empowerment. Digmap Geosystems Ltd experience covers many aspects of rural development, including:-

  • Sub-division of schemes for individual title and development
  • Wayleave acquistion and survey
  • Planning for public land use (schools, health centers, markets, etc)
  • Land capability assessments and general land use planning
  • Creation of cadastral information database.
  • Conversion of cadastral maps to soft copy layers with attribute field structure attachment.