GIS is integral part of spatial data management and is getting wider use in both public sector and private sector planning and development projects with its wide range of digital capabilities and analytical functions, which could not be performed by traditional graphics packages. With our state of the art GIS and CAD systems, Digmap Geosystems Ltd specializes in the collection, interpretation, management and visualization of geo-information to support resource management and policy development.


The tools we use are those of thematic/spatial database design, GIS application development for spatial analysis, and general computer programming for customized IT solutions. Our services cover:-

  • Conversion of hard copy maps to soft copy with attribute attachment
    Spatial database design, development and management
  • Digital mapping, creation of thematic maps and map production
  • Vectorisation of Raster maps
  • Image processing
  • Organizational needs assessments and re-engineering
  • GIS Analysis